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After 15 years of entrepreneurship, 5 years in luxury corporate sales and 4 years of leading her online coaching & astrology business, Jaz has devoted her expertise & wisdom to helping spiritual entrepreneurs & industry leaders unlock their unique path to success by optimizing their full potential so that they can scale their 6 figure business into a 7 figure brand.

Straight up, her coaching method is unique. She believes that everyone is destined for success and the only way to achieve it is through doing business your way. Jaz facilitates cutting edge “full spectrum” coaching that blends work on the mind, body & soul level. Everything she does is made bespoke to her clients human desires, their specific business goals & what their soul came here to be. Using her unique blend of high level sales strategies, subconscious mindset work & spiritual astrology principles, Jaz delivers soul nourishing sessions with tangible results. 

​Passionately in service to her mission to de-stigmatise the use of spiritual principles in business, Jaz is on a mission to carve out a landscape for esoteric entrepreneurs to receive the support their desire, the room to be seen & the knowledge they need achieve sustainable success whilst earning & impacting the world in full soul alignment.

When she isn't busy star gazing & disrupting the coaching industry, you can find Jaz bouncing between eating her way through the city fo Sydney and being curled up on the couch at home on the Central Coast of NSW with her scientist partner, Dan & Italian Greyhound, Ziggy

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and remember, if you prefer a payment plan, you can slide into my dm's on instagram and ask for one @jazborri

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