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It’s time to meet your most prosperous self.

I see you…

The spiritual, ambitious woman

Obsessed with your career

Fostering big dreams

Making an impact on the world with every breath you take

In fearless pursuit of your dreams


It’s no easy feat but here you are doing the damn thing, and I’m here to tell you it’s time to take it up a notch…

It's time to awaken your birthright to success!


It's no coincidence you're here because you're interested in the Star Society, it means that...

> You’re an ambitious, spiritual woman: whether you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring business owner, you’ve got big dreams, and rightfully so, babe! You do the inner work and you’re building the career or your dreams so that you can cultivate the success you deserve & desire..


> You’re craving a sense of community & soul connections: entrepreneurship can be isolating, and down-right lonely sometimes. We all feel it. You’re ready to find more women who just simply “get it”. 


> You’re obsessed with astrology: anyone can find out their Sun, Moon & Rising, but you’re curious to know what to do with that pivotal information and how to integrate your chart into your everyday life to embody full spectrum soul alignment.


But you know what’s wild? No one is teaching you how to actually apply astrology to your life, let alone your career, to cultivate sustainable success, to uncover authentic growth strategies and turn your dreams into reality.


Until now…

Welcome to the Star Society

Where astrology and your career intersect.

The Star Society is an online community where you utilise your natal chart as a blueprint for you to build your dharma upon. This safe haven is your go-to place to learn how to leverage astrology to elevate your life and build your career.


In this group of iconic women, together you’ll set goals and visions soulfully, learn how to take aligned action, manifest your success and be supported as you rise to the challenges of building your dream career.




What sets your soul on fire

is held in the highest regard. 

Obsessions are honored

Living a life full of joy and pleasure is a birth right.  


Sisterhood is considered divine.


Connecting like minded women who are obsessed with mysticism and living in alignment with what their soul came here to be.  


Foster the fearless pursuit of soul purpose.

Utilize astrology as a personal & professional development tool for expressing authenticity, soul expansion, & creating tangible success. 



You know you belong in the society if:

✦ You are super into modern mysticism, spirituality, and personal development.

✦You learnt your astrology and it resonates in your bones.

✦You want to holistic planning practice that you can manifest soul-aligned success in all areas of your life through.

✦You are brave, curious, and obsessed with living in alignment with what your soul came here to be.

✦You know what you want and you're always looking for new ways to create abundance for yourself.

✦You hold a massive vision for your life that is wild and 'crazy'.

✦You love following your highest excitement and exploring new concepts and ideas.

✦You're low-key the coolest person you know and crave community.

✦You want to be the center of your own universe so you can truly claim your everything. 


Star Society Members give 'Main Character Energy'

You wake up every morning excited to live a life in alignment with your soul's essence.  You're navigating your days, weeks, months and beyond with confidence and cool because you know who you are and what your soul came here to do.  You rtust yourself to rise to any challenge and remain in fearless pursuit of yourself.  All the while surrounded by a community of soul sisters who get it as they are moving through the same cosmic up-leveling as you.  

This can be YOUR reality!

Living in alignment is the biggest flex. 


I wasn’t kidding when I said The Star Society will be your go-to hub to building the life of your dreams. 

In this membership you'll utilise your personal astrology and monthly cosmic transits to harness your authentic self so that you can live in alignment with your soul purpose, embody your heart desires and build the life and career you deserve.​


Your membership includes:

✦ Seasonal Zodiac Workshops (known as Transit Talks  - get your astrological breakdown for each season so you can navigate your success with ease

✦ New & full moon workshops -  Become in sync with the ebbs & flows of the Moon in these soulfully guided workshops. Let’s set your intentions, release what no longer serves you and call forth your success together!

✦ Pragmatic tarot horoscopes - Receive downloads from spirit and heed the messages your souls is yearning to hear.

✦ Access JBHAUS vault - Updated once a quarter with the recordings of every course, masterclass & training I ever do. Yep, everything! (right now there are already $1000’s of dollars + 100’s of hours worth of content waiting for you to sink your teeth into)

✦ Exclusive perks - be the first to know when new courses & trainings drop with an early access pass to ALL LIVE programs. Masterclasses & trainings + special SS discounts to join live

✦  Members Chat & Online Portal - Connect with your fellow Stars in the membership. Support one another, lean on each other & most importantly, celebrate each other's wins when they come along, (and they will in leaps and bounds.)

✦  Enrichment packages - jam-packed with book recs, journal prompts, zodiac playlists and so much more to set the tone every month

✦  Monthly challenges & giveaway prizes - Because at JBHAUS we love to give back. By investing in yourself and joining this community, you go in the running to win personalized goodies every single month!

I want this to be a full body YES for you!

This membership isn't about convincing you that astrology is key to unlocking your greatest desires, because you already knew that. What this membership will do is show you the way through consistent integration. 

So, this is your formal invitation to step into the center of your own universe and join the Star Society.

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