SELf discovery & empowerment


a 1:1 immersion with jaz borri


When i look around me, i don't see enough women in their power.


I see them struggling to make choices, second guessing themselves and holding back their greatness. I see hesitation, lack of self awareness and self deprecation. I see the roar waiting to be let out. I see the light wanting to shine. I am witnessing the waiting for permission.


To be wholey & completely, utterly & unapologetically, whole heartedly & soulful in their true authentic selves. 

 If you feel like this, in any way, shape or form, I want to be the one to give you permission. If you find yourself thinking "Is this all there is?", I give you permission. If you feel like you have no idea who you are, I give you permission. If you feel like you've been on this journey for a while but you're still not where you dreamt you'd be, I give you permission

I give you permission to take the plunge and do the work to find out.



I firmly believe that women are fucking special and that each and everyone of us has something unique, beautiful and rare to offer this world. Just as special, are our flaws, experiences or challenges that shape our existence and taught us everything we know.


But what about what your soul has asked for?


As an evolutionary astrologer, i see human uniqueness everyday as i analyse natal charts and speak to women about this their struggles. But what i have witnessed is the same desire in them all:


To find their true self & then having the balls to actually live in it. 


 Cultivating a relationship to self, understanding your soul desires &  remembering your worthiness is just the first steps in a much larger journey.  It already seems like alot right? No, not under my watch. 

As a woman climbing the proverbial mountain along with you, i know it my duty to turn around and be the hand to help you up. I know this so deeply that i went and became a coach. 


My coaching service is designed to keep you empowered, intentional and connected to self through consistent practice. I will be teaching & sharing the modalities, practices & methods I used to heal my own soul along with the ones i've learnt through our my 9 month coaching certification & countless client sessions.


I'm here to keep you accountable, to hash out all the life stuff with, hold your hand through the journey & ensure your continual growth and expansion as you discover yourself and get empowered.  

It's time. I give you permission. 

ok, so here's how it works:


  • Get to know your natal chart/souls blueprint on a deep level.


  • Understand your innate unique gifts, talents & strengths.


  • Address your shadow, soul wounds & blocks.


  • Learn how to use astrology & mysticism pragmatically in your life.


  • Explore the big questions and understand what your soul has asked for you to embody in this life time for aligned evolution and inner peace.

  • Confront  your specific challenges with your identity as a whole or something more specific like career, family, confidence, money or love & relationships.



  • Learn practical tools to start living in your chart's alignment.


  • Cultivate your personal empowerment ritual for continual alignment.


  • Honour the importance of the visions and dreams you have for yourself and your life.


  • Create a safe container for your transformation to take place.


  • Stay empowered, intentional and connected to self through consistent practice.


  • Accountability. I am there to hash out all the life stuff with, hold your hand through the journey & ensure your continual growth.

what's included:

Once you sign on as mentoring client and for the duration of our time together you will receive:


8 x 1 hr 1:1 coaching session with Jaz Borri. 

Sessions are held on a fortnightly basis to ensure room for growth and expansion over a period of 4 months. 


 ✅Full access to  Jaz via WhatsApp message

In between our sessions should you require in the moment advice, have any questions or simply wish to share a major win that can't wait until our session. 

Personalised content

Including meditations, rituals, affirmations + more. All personally customised for you and the challenges you are over coming.

Free access to all JB's paid offerings

Including all live & self study courses, masterclass & events. You have access to it all.

babe, i'm here to serve you.

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